Who we are?

Exacon Inc. was incorporated in 1987 after initially starting out as the 'Ventilation Division' of Andex Metal Products. As ventilation became more specialized, it was decided that a seperate company was necessary to supply and service the agricultural industry. After working out of the Andex building for numerous years, the continued growth of Exacon determined the need for additional space and in 2000, Exacon moved into their current facility consisting of 35,000 sq.ft.(3250SM).

Exacon enjoys the benefits of being a market-driven company, responding to the changing needs of the agricultural, horticultural and industrial sectors. Farms and factories share a common interest in operating in the most cost-effective manner possible. As well, there is understandably increased interest in the air quality of any facility with the growing knowledge of the health hazards involved with poor air circulation and quality. These two factors combined with Exacons extensive technological prowess in this area, have provided the spur to the companys rapid growth.

The companys dedication to high quality products perfectly matched to the customers needs and its innovative approach to cooling, heating, ventilation and feeding systems shows why Exacon Inc. has become a renowned name in its field in the 30+ years of growth since it first entered the marketplace.

Here at Exacon Inc. we truly succeed to meet all expectations of our customers from the time an order is placed to the time the product arrives at the location of end user. Our team has the ability to greet, take orders, process these orders and ensure our customers purchases are delivered in a friendly and timely manner.

Exacon Inc. is an employer who depends and prides itself on the tenure of staff that have shared in creating the culture that exists after many years of team work. Exacon Inc. takes responsibilty in taking care of our employees. Flexibility, fair compensation, a healthy work environment and respect for diversities are top priorities of our business goals. We are building a business where we are happy to be working, with people we want to work with.

As a business in South Huron, we have the good fortune to be part of many ways to give back to our communities. To be involved whether it be supporting financially or volunteering our time is essential and rewarding to all. This is something that we feel is very important and encourage at a business level as well as individually. There is nothing more satisfying than to have people come together and work towards a common goal and be successful.....similar to our culture here at Exacon Inc.

About Us

Exacon is a Manufacture Agent and distributes ventilation, heating, cooling, feeding, lighting and air filtering products across Canada. We provide a unique, single source, convenient one stop shopping approach.

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